Frequently Asked Questions

Professional IT-equipment

Yes, please call us at +45 5672 07070 or send us an e-mail at mh@intecsystem.dk.

Yes, there is always full manufacturer warranty on new products and 1 year guarantee on used equipment.

We always ship free of cost within Denmark. We offer good prices if your equipment is to be shipped to another country.

Yes, we usually offer credit if your business can be approved for this.

As a starting point, no. However, we usually offer to take back unopened products for a re- stocking fee of 20%.

We make great deals in terms of stocking and have found our niche. Besides that, we are collaborating with large volume partners.

Freight Forwarding

Yes, it is absolutely safe. We only use global partners to handle our goods.

No, we deliver a certain quality each time and have a little additional charge. However, you will find that the money is easily earned back.

No, it does not happen. Our safety system ensures 100% zero-mistake tolerance.

Yes, we offer insurance-proved warehouse facilities with surveillance.

Yes, we are glad to help with customs clearance and documentation.

Yes, we specialize in shipping and handling IT-equipment.

No, we only allow our own workers to handle products in our warehouse.