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Logistics / Freight Forwarding

A product, which makes it simple to get your items and products safely delivered to your customers.

We solve most intelligent logistics tasks with Domestic delivery (for customers in Denmark and Scandinavia), EU deliveries and global deliveries.

We can function as your warehouse, where we pick your products and ensure optimal packaging and a good price on shipping. We can also act as your shipping hub, where we make a consolidated service and collect shipments from several suppliers, before we make an assembled shipment to the final destination.

Our freight forwarding service includes optimal safety for you as a supplier. We scan and register all your shipments. We neutralize all shipments so that no sensible information is passed on to a third party. All former post-labels, shipment numbers and documentation in the form of delivery notes and invoices will be safely archived and incinerated as appropriate.

Blindship – a service we offer if you would like to be stated as dispatcher on the shipments from us.

We understand and acknowledge Incoterms – which is your security that deliveries will be made as promised – concerning both the time of delivery as well as the price of the shipment.

Our strength is our express delivery (typically next business day in DK, Scandinavia and the EU. – 2-3 days in the rest of the world), in the case where the time of delivery is of importance to you and your customer. We do, however, also offer an advantageous economical alternative (economy service), which has a slightly longer time of delivery.

We offer IOR service for most non-EU destinations. ‘Importer Of Record’ can be difficult if your customer is positioned in a third country and is not registered for import, not in possession of a value added tax number, or if the customer is, for any reason, not registered with the local authorities. Our global network of partners are happy to help in getting the product registered and delivered to your customer. IOR service is always based on a concrete offer.

We take our duties very seriously – If it is important to you and to your customer – then it is important to us. We always walk the extra mile for our customers. At Intec System ApS, you are not stuck in a line for customer service and left by yourself with a tracking number. We work with your delivery, round-the-clock, until the product has been delivered.

We have more than 20 years of experience within shipment of IT-equipment all over the world. You have access to our setup and knowhow through our freight forward service – you save time and money.